Bodyline Review (positive)


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I think it’s about time i get around to writing up my bodyline review! I’m putting this under a cut as it is very image heavy. Enjoy~! Continue reading


Bodyline Order


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I have been a fan of Lolita (a Japanese street fashion) for a very long time and I though it was always going to be something that I admired from afar as I never thought I would be able to join the community (because of the price and small sizing). I must admit I knew nothing of the fashion besides the fact that I was immediately drawn to it – I have always loved anything cute. Recently I have been learning all about it and found Bodyline – an online shop that sells cheap lolita pieces that will fit my tall euro body! I got very excited as it provides me a chance to try out the fashion without spending a large sum of money.

I thought I would make a little blog post here with the items I have ordered (and when they arrive I will do a review)! Continue reading

wig hunt – my wishlist


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I’m still on the hunt for the perfect wig for my Dal JouJou that I got in October last year! I’m hoping that when I finally decide on a wig it will help me choose a new name for her.

These are the wigs I have my eye on right now:


Wigs from For My Doll, Luts, Crobi, Iplehouse and Leekeworld

As you can see I am obsessed with fantasy dyes. I am in love with the pink and white wig from For My Doll, but I’m worried it’ll will be too long for my little dal. And the blue wig (also from For My Doll) is perfect but I’ve had sweepy bangs before and they were very hard to control… THIS IS TOO HARD! hehehehe

If anyone has any suggestions of other wig sites that I should be looking at, please let me know!! ❤



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This is slowly becoming a doll blog…

Yesterday my mum and I went doll hunting and I got a Monster High doll, “Dead Tired” Draculaura. I never saw the appeal of the MH dolls when I saw them around the internet, but after seeing some absolutely AMAZING customs on Flickr I wanted to have a go.

A photo before I remove her makeup and hair

I chose to get Draculaura because she has a lovely soft, round face and very cute pointed “elf” ears. Also my doll is pink based and her skin colour is perfect! I’m still deciding what style to go with for her new look so I will be posting some inspiration in the future! Keep an eye out for her progress 🙂

it’s valentines day! my current doll wishlist


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Two dolls I have my eye on! I have never really fancied a Byul, but Paulia is wonderful – such a cute outfit! And Pullip Alice du Jardin is an April release, so long to wait!

I can’t wait to see what else Groove has in store for us this year 🙂

EDIT: ahh I am so excited to finally see better quality photos of this girl! so amazing … she’s added to my list!!!