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I have been a fan of Lolita (a Japanese street fashion) for a very long time and I though it was always going to be something that I admired from afar as I never thought I would be able to join the community (because of the price and small sizing). I must admit I knew nothing of the fashion besides the fact that I was immediately drawn to it – I have always loved anything cute. Recently I have been learning all about it and found Bodyline – an online shop that sells cheap lolita pieces that will fit my tall euro body! I got very excited as it provides me a chance to try out the fashion without spending a large sum of money.

I thought I would make a little blog post here with the items I have ordered (and when they arrive I will do a review)!

Carousel Skirt in Black

Sweet Cutsew in Pink

Apple Bag in Pink

Hearts and Bows OTK Socks in Pink

Macaroons and Bows Knee Socks in Sax

Lace Ankle Socks in Pink

I can only hope to look as cute as this!

a drawing by me!

Look out for a little review later on! ♪