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I think it’s about time i get around to writing up my bodyline review! I’m putting this under a cut as it is very image heavy. Enjoy~!

I made my order on Thursday (April 19th) and it arrived on Tuesday (April 24th)! I was very impressed with the speed of shipping as I was not expecting it to arrive for a week or so (I chose air mail which was a flat rate of $10)!

The packaging was standard – no visible damage to the package.

Each item was individually packaged in the bodyline plastic envelopes, apart from the bag which was wrapped in tissue paper and plastic.

The bag is ok – decent for the price ($13). It has been stored flat so I stuffed it with bubble wrap to help open it out.

Stitching on the leaf is good, some parts come close to the edge though it is not noticeable unless you look at it close up.

There is one flaw towards the inside of the apple, where the pink material hasn’t come down far enough to be caught up by the sewing machine. This isn’t a huge problem as it’s not visible unless you look for it.

My favourite part of the bag is the cute heart zipper pull!

The cutsew is very nice (it was the most expensive in my order – $40) and feels so soft.

The lace is soft but does have the underlying mesh look. These 2 images show the sweet roses in the lace.

The bow on the front and the smaller bows you can find all around the neck line and sleeves. All in all this is a lovely top. I bought this because I can wear it with some of my other clothes as well as my new skirt.

The skirt is made of a heavy stretch fabric – I did not realise this when I ordered it, but there is not problem. I ordered the T2L size because I am 180cm tall, and it hits me just above the knee! Perfect.

The detachable front bow is well made, though is covered in the white lace. I don’t think I will ever use it.

The clip and zip are well sewn in and when I first opened it up the buttons for the waist ties seemed sturdy. However I checked the buttons before I worn it out and found that one was quite loose so I resewed it on. An easy fix.

The skirt does have odd doubled over lace where one piece has ended and they have had or attach another. There are 2 spots like this on the skirt which is annoying but again, not really noticeable.

I have not added any photos of the socks as it seems unnecessary – they are 100% accurate in colour and fit me well. The OTK are a bit tight around my larger sized calves but it is not bad.

Ease of ordering: 5/5 – Very easy! A simple Add to cart > Checkout system
Price: 4/5 – I wish the cutsew had been slightly cheaper, but on the whole I feel a got a bargin with everything else!
Shipping: 5/5 – Cheap and very fast!
Packaging: 5/5 – Very nicely packaged with no damage.
Accuracy of Item: 4.5/5 – All colours were very accurate, apart from the bag which I though would be a lighter colour.
Total Experience: 5/5 – I will definitely order from Bodyline again!